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Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan

Jean Tonique

Wed, Jun 20, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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Polo & Pan
Polo & Pan
Half a decade after first hitting the decks of the Baron, Alexandre Grynszpan and Paul Armand-Delille aka Polo & Pan are finally releasing their first LP.
« Caravelle » tells the story of their travels across the world, placing the two music lovers on the same map as those many artists whose wish has always been to reconcile hedonistic dance music with the taste of a solar, timeless pop music.
Aboard Polo & Pan’s ship, you will find quite an amazing combination of their melodic French touch with the soft, youthful singularity of their lyrics, and bold percussion patterns. Whether it be the French youth eager to experience night sensations, the enlightened citizens of the modern world, the musicians’ Mexican or Turkish friends, fellow artists like Jacques or Papooz, their female doppelgangers Marguerite and Victoria, or their elders who may feel nostalgic of curious waves, all have one day or another been carried away by such songs as Canopée, Plage Isolée, or Dorothy.
Jean Tonique
Why choose between old and new? In his
rst album, Well Mannered Frivolity, Jean
Tonique decided to take the best of both
After two EPs, he starts piecing together
what will become his rst album, around
multiple inuences, with the extensive use
of talk box, popularized byZapp, Snoop
Dogg, Kraftwerk and Daft Punk. This
particular instrument is what modulate the
vocal parts, and turns it into funky, robotic
As a sound and machines maestro, Jean
Tonique plays all the instruments on the
album, but he selected a few guests for the
vocal parts : american rapper Ciscero is on «
This Feeling », and young soul diva Keyone
Starr, featured on Mark Ronson’s track « I
Can’t Lose », sings on « Grooving Machine »
and « Something To Talk About ». Dabeull,
from label Roche Musique is on « The Party
» and Etienne de Crécy brings his
immaculate techno touch to « Radio Tuning
», the only voiceless song on the album.
Jean Tonique always remains the mind
behind this sonic space-trip, beginning
with the take-o announcement as an intro
to ’’Welcome In Paris’’ and concluding at the
end of the B-Face with the
all-encompassing ‘’Home’’, nal landing
after this journey through the night.
Jean Tonique ? A well-mannered artist, with
great taste, great sound and amazing
technique. The ideal recipe for a rst LP to
play on repeat in a never-ending party.

Olivier Cachin
translated by Audrey Petit-Trigg
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