HOTELS Don’t live in San Francisco and looking for a place to crash? We recommend all things joie de vivre, but these in particular: And some in the neighborhood:
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Do you have seating?

The Independent is a general admission, standing room only venue with a few first-come, first-serve seats. If you prefer to sit, try to arrive when the doors open to snag one.

I can not stand for long and/or have a disability. Can I reserve seats?

Absolutely. Specialty seating is available upon request. Please contact us via phone (415.771.1422) during our daytime hours (M-F 11am-6pm) at least a day before hand to reserve seats.

Is the club wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Please contact us ahead of time during our day time hours (M-F 11am-6pm) at 415.771.1422 to let us know what show you are planning on attending so we can hold a space for you. ADA restrooms are available for you as well. PHOTO/ AUDIO Can I bring a camera? It depends on the band but usually you can bring a small camera. Please do not shoot with a flash- it blinds the musicians and, besides, your pictures will look better for it.

Can I bring a professional-grade SLR camera to shoot for my blog/ mag/ zine or to put really great pics up on my Facebook page?

No, not without permission from the band's mgmt and agents. Please contact at least one week before the show to arrange for this.

Can I make an audio recording of my favorite band to make a ton of money off of or to just share with friends in my mom's basement?

No. COAT CHECK Do you have somewhere safe where I can put my coat/ bag/ small animal? Yes, we have a coat check. Price is $2 per item although some items (rabbits, rodents, etc) may cost extra.

The music is too loud; do you have anything to ease the pain?

We sell earplugs for $1/pair at the coat check not to mention a fine array of cocktails at the bar. AGE RESTRICTIONS I'm under 21 and just hafta see my favorite band ever- can you please let me in? Sorry, we're 21+ only, with no exceptions.

I'm over 21 and have the scars to prove it. Problem is that my friend took my ID and melted it to use in an art exhibit- can I still get in to see my 2nd favorite band?

We'll need to see another form of ID.  A passport is great, but if you don't have one because you do not travel might we suggest getting a passport and doing some traveling?  Otherwise, if you bring a document that shows your DOB (like a birth certificate or a DMV temp ID), we'll need something with you name and photo on it too.


Are you hiring?

We might be, thanks for asking. Please send your resume and some words of inspiration/ encouragement to

Do you need any interns?

Sure, it's possible- send us a nice email and even a box of cupcakes to help us decide.

I heard that you have a street team- is this true?

Nope, that's one of those myths like Led Zeppelin played the Independent with Big Foot sitting in on drums. Simply not true. VENUE INFO What time will the show start and what time will it end? That depends on the start time and the number of acts on the bill. Usually the first act goes on around 45 minutes after doors open.

Do you have a mailing list?

Yeah, step right up and sign here! You'll receive email notifications for upcoming shows, presale tickets, special offers and more. Don't miss out!

I play in what could potentially be your third favorite band. How can we play The Independent?

Please don't send us a promo package in the mail. Save a stamp and a tree, and please save us from clutter! Instead, send us an email to Make sure you include a Facebook and website link where we can check you out. We receive countless submissions on a daily basis so we can't promise a reply. However if we like what we hear we will be in touch.

Do you have a dress code?

No, we don't. We just ask that you please wear clothes. TICKETING

How do I buy tickets online?

Please visit Ticketfly to buy them now! All of our shows have online ticket sales and it’s recommended to purchase them in advance as shows very often sell out.

How do I buy tickets without paying service charges?

We've locked someone up inside our Box Office to provide tickets to you without any additional charges. Our walk-up ticket window is located at the Independent and is open Monday through Friday from 11am until 6pm. It re-opens on all show nights from an hour before the doors open until at least 9:30PM. You may purchase tickets to upcoming shows at any of these times. We accept cash or credit card (American Express / Mastercard / Visa).

I'm on the internet reading this right now but do not understand or trust the web. Can I buy tickets over the phone from your Box Office?

The Box Office does not take phone orders, but you're able to purchase tickets via Ticketfly toll free at 877.435.9849.

Will you have tickets for tonight's show at the door?

I dunno, it depends I guess. We definitely recommend purchasing them in advance as shows very often sell out.

My buddy told me that tonight's show is sold out- do you think anyone will be selling tickets out front if I come down?

The Independent neither recommends nor condones buying tickets from anyone other than our friendly Box Office or Ticketfly.

I bought a ticket to a show but can't come because I'm travelling to Budapest to learn how to make goulash from a world famous Hungarian chef that same night. Can I get a refund for my ticket?

No, sorry- unless there's a band cancellation all sales are final.

I bought a ticket to a show but can't come because a dangerously insane Hungarian chef got angry at me for nothing in particular and blew a palm-full of paprika in my eye. Can I put my ticket under a different name at Will Call so my friend can use it?

Yes you can change the name at Will Call. Give a call to the Box Office at 415.771.1421 during business hours to arrange a name-change. Your friend will need to bring his/her ID to the Box Office on the night of the show to pick up the tickets.

Does the Box Office sell tickets to other Another Planet Entertainment shows?

We do sell some APE tickets to shows at various venues around the Bay Area. These tickets are cash only, and subject to at least a $5.00 service charge. Click here for a list of APE tickets currently available. FOOD/DRINKS Call me crazy but I'm the type of guy that likes to imbibe in a few well-mixed yet affordable drinks while I listen to live music in a club- do you have a bar? Yes, we have a full bar that services a wide array of delicious libations.

Call me crazy but I'm the type of person that loves to eat a plate of hastily prepared nachos covered with microwaved beef and a sorry excuse for cheese while I listen to live music in a club- do you serve food?

We don't serve food but can recommend some great spots in the neighborhood for you (none of which serve bad nachos). Check out this link here. PARKING/TRANSPORTATION Where are you located? The Independent is centrally located in the Alamo Square district of the always-beautiful city of San Francisco. Our address is 628 Divisadero St. San Francisco CA 94117. We're splat-dab in between Grove and Hayes streets and directly across the street is a bright orange building and a yellow one.

Where can I park?

There's some street parking locally but spots can be hard to come by - if you can snag a meter, they are free after 6pm.

How do I get to the club via public transportation?

Check out this link -

Can I easily catch a cab home at the end of the show?

Sure, Divisadero is a pretty busy thoroughfare and it's never too difficult to flag a cab down.